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The Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners is the official Arizona state agency that governs the practice of osteopathic medicine in Arizona. The Board issues licenses to all doctors of osteopathic medicine (D.O.), to allow them to practice medicine in Arizona. Currently there are approximately 3,200 osteopathic physicians licensed by the Board. The Board also regulates those doctors’ practices to ensure that the medical care provided meets professional standards. As part of that regulation, the Board accepts and investigates complaints made against osteopathic physicians. On average, the Board receives, investigates and resolves about 300 complaints each year.

Disclosure Statement of Locations where all Notices of the Meetings of the Board will be posted.

Executive Order 2017-04, Enhanced Surveillance Advisory RE: Opioids...

Executive Order 2017-04 Reporting FAQs...

Physicians Who Certify Vital Statistic Documents - Please Read

Controlled Substances Prescription Monitoring Program

Governor's "Regulation Rollback"
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Important Information Regarding D.O. License Renewal

After you renew your license you may notice your license status has been changed to “Renewal Deficient”. This is an Active license status. It means your renewal is administratively incomplete. A letter or email will be sent to you noting the deficiencies. The correspondence will also include instructions for completing the renewal process.

Deficiencies may include one or more of the following:

  • An unchecked box on your application;
  • Unpaid renewal fee and/or late fee payment (if applicable);
  • Missing documentation of completed Continuing Medical Education (if randomly selected for audit); and/or
  • Missing documentation regarding any “Yes” answers on the Questionnaire and Confidential Questionnaire sections of the renewal application.

Your license cannot be renewed until your renewal application is administratively complete. If your license expires before a timely and sufficient renewal application is submitted to the Board, you must cease practicing medicine in Arizona and must reapply for and receive a new Arizona license before resuming the practice of medicine in the State of Arizona.


2018-2019 License Renewal

If your “Renew By Date” is 12/31/2017, your reminder notice has been mailed to you.

Use the For DOs selection in the menu on the left side to navigate to the renewal pages, or use the links below:

  • Online License Renewal: Click to renew in less than 15 minutes. There is no additional fee to renew online.
  • License Renewal PDF: Click to download the renewal application for printing. Complete the form, sign and date, and then mail, email or fax it to the Board office. It may take up to 30 days to process your renewal. If you need your renewal expedited, please use the
    Online License Renewal Application.
  • Renewal Forms: Click here if you need license renewal related PDF forms including CME Extension and Waiver forms.
  • Contact Us: Still have questions? Click to email us or give us a call at the number in the left menu.