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Dispensing Registration

  • 2020 Dispensing Registration Renewal Form
    Use this form if you are registered to dispense in 2019 and are renewing your registration for calendar year 2020 before the December 31, 2019 renewal date.

  • Dispensing Registration FAQ
    If you have questions about Dispensing, the answer is most likely in the FAQ.

  • Dispensing Initial Registration Form
    Use this form if this is the first time you have registered to dispense medications from your practice, or if your registration has expired.

  • Disposal of Inventory of Drugs and Devices
    If you have had a Registration to Dispense and are NOT Renewing it, YOU MUST use this form and disclose IN WRITING how you dispose of your inventory within 30 days of expiration pursuant to A.R.S. § 32-1871(F). This is required whether you are in private practice or employed. An example of how to complete this form is included on the second page of this document.