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Title 11-Counties

Chapter 3 – County Officers; Article 12 – County Medical Examiner

11-591- Definitions
11-593- Reporting of certain deaths; failure to Report; classification
11-594- Powers and duties of county medical examiner
11-595- Right to enter premises; right to seize articles
11-596- Removal or disturbance of body or effects or weapons without consent prohibited
11-597- Autopsies; reports; exemption from liability
11-598- Exhumation; court order
11-599- Cremation
11-600- Burial of indigent deceased; disposal of property
Title 12- Courts and Civil Proceedings
Chapter 1 – Courts of Record, Article 7.1 – Medical Records
12-2291- Definitions
12-2292- Confidentiality of medical records and payment records
12-2293- Release of medical records and payment records to patients and health care decision makers
12-2294- Release of medical records and payment records to third parties
12-2294.01- Release of medical records or payment records to third parties pursuant to subpoena
12-2295- Charges
12-2296- Immunity
12-2297- Retention Of Records
Chapter 5.1 – Actions Relating to Health Care; Article 1 – General Provisions
12-570- Malpractice settlement or award reporting; civil penalty; definition
12-571- Qualified immunity; health professionals; nonprofit clinics; previously owned prescription eyeglasses
Chapter 17 – Claims Against Licensed Professionals, Article 1 – General Provisions
12-2604- Expert witness qualifications; medical malpractice actions
12-1205- Evidence of admissions; civil proceedings; unanticipated outcomes; medical care
Title 13- Criminal Code
Chapter 14 – Sexual Offenses
13-1418- Sexual misconduct; behavioral health professionals; classification
Chapter 34 – Drug Offenses
13-3412- Exceptions and exemptions; burden of proof; privileged communications
13-3412.01- Prescribing controlled substances included in schedule I for seriously ill and terminally ill patients
Chapter 36 – Family Offenses, Article 2 – Duty to Report Nonaccidental Injuries
13-3620- Duty to Report abuse, physical injury, neglect and denial or deprivation of medical or surgical care or nourishment of minors; medical records; exception; violation; classification; definitions
Chapter 38 – Miscellaneous, Article 2 – Duty to Report Treatment of Wounds
13-3806- Duty of a physician or attendant upon treating certain wounds; classification
Title 20 - Insurance
Chapter 6 – Particular Types of Insurance, Article 4 – Reporting Requirements
20-1742- Duty of a physician or attendant upon treating certain wounds; classification
Chapter 15 – Utilization Review, Article 2 – General Provisions
20-2510- Health care insurers’ requirements; medical directors
Title 28- Transportation Chapter 8 – Motor Vehicle Driver Licenses, Article 1 – General Provisions
28-3005- Medical or psychological reports; immunity; definitions
Title 32 – Professions and Occupations Title 32 – Professions and Occupations
Chapter 18 – Pharmacy, Article 1 – Board of Pharmacy and Article 3 - Regulation
32-1901- Definitions
32-1909- Prescription medication donation program; distribution; immunity; rules
32-1968- Dispensing prescription-only drug; prescription orders; renewals; labels; misbranding; dispensing soft contact lenses
32-1970- Implementing, monitoring and modifying drug therapy and use; conditions; definitions
Chapter 25 – Physician Assistants, Article 1 – General Provisions and Article 3 – Scope of Practice and Approval of Employment
32-2501- Definitions
32-2531- Physician assistant scope of practice; health care tasks; supervising physician duties; civil penalty
32-2533- Supervising Physician responsibilities
Chapter 28 – Radiologic Technologists, Article 4 - Mammography
32-2842- Mammographic images; physicians; requirements
Chapter 32 – Health Professionals, Article 1 – General Provisions
32-3201- Definitions
32-3202- License or certificate suspension
32-3203- Malpractice claim investigation
32-3204- Experimental diagnosis, therapy or treatment; implied consent; definition
32-3205- Board disciplinary action; voting requirements
32-3206- Disciplinary action; information; disclosure
32-3207- Health professionals disease hazard; testing; petition; definition
32-3208- Criminal charges; mandatory reporting requirements; civil penalty
32-3209- Release of information; fees
32-3210- Billing for laboratory costs; unprofessional conduct; definition
32-3211- Medical records; protocol; unprofessional conduct; corrective action; exemption
32-3212- Umbilical cord blood donations; information; definition
Chapter 37 – Child Support Obligations, Article 1 – General Provisions
32-3701- Child support arrearages; suspension of license or certificate; applicability; definition
Chapter 38 – Privacy Rights, Article 1 – General Provisions
32-3801- Personal information maintained by professional boards; confidentiality
Title 36 – Public Health and Safety
Chapter 1 – State and Local Boards and Departments of Health, Article 1 – Department
36-112- Umbilical cord donations; information pamphlet; distribution; health care institution responsibilities; definition
Chapter 3 – Records and Public Health Statistics, Article 2 – Death Registration, Procedures and Certificates and Birth Registration Certificate Requirements
36-325- Death certificate registration; moving human remains; definition
Chapter 4 – Health Care Institutions, Article 4 – Health Care Utilization Review and Article 5 – Review of Certain Health Care Practices
36-441- Health care utilization committees; immunity; exception; definition
36-445- Review of certain medical procedures
36-445.01- Confidentiality of information; conditions of disclosure
36-445.02- Immunity relating to review of medical practices
36-445.03- Limitation of publication; identity of patient confidential
36-445.04- Freestanding urgent care center incident reporting; confidentiality requirement
Chapter 4.1 – Clinical Laboratories, Article 1 – Laboratory Laws and Article 2 – Licensure and Regulation of Clinical Laboratories
36-451- Definitions
36-470- Examination of specimens; written requests; reports of results; retention of test records
36-471- Persons authorized to collect human specimens or blood
36-472- Rebates, fee-splitting and solicitation of referrals prohibited
36-472.01- Billing for laboratory costs; definition
Chapter 5 – Mental Health Services, Article 2 – Patient’s Civil and Legal Rights
36-571.025- Limitation of liability; exception; discharge of duty; immunity for disclosure
Chapter 6 – Public Health Control, Article 4 – Communicable Disease Information and Article 5 – Maternal and Child Welfare
36-661- Definitions
36-662- Access to records
36-663- HIV-related testing; restrictions; exceptions
36-664- Confidentiality; exceptions
36-665- Order for disclosure of confidential communicable disease related information
36-666- Violation; classification; immunity
36-667- Civil Penalty
36-668- Private right of actions
36-669- Human immunodeficiency testing of prisoners
36-694- Report of blood tests; newborn screening program; fee; definitions
Chapter 36 – Telemedicine, Article 1 – General Provisions
36-3601- Definitions
36-3602- Delivery of health care through telemedicine; requirements; exceptions
36-3603- State jurisdiction; scope
Title 44 – Trade and Commerce
Chapter 1 – Contracts, Article 3 – Capacity to Consent
44-132- Capacity of minor to obtain hospital, medical and surgical care; definition
44-132.01- Capacity of minor to obtain treatment for venereal disease without consent of parent
44-133- Capacity of minor to consent to treatment for use of a dangerous drug or narcotic
Title 46 – Welfare
Chapter 4 – Adult Protective Services, Article 1 – Duty to Report Abuse of Incapacitated or Vulnerable Adults
Chapter 6 – Department of Health Services – Communicable Diseases
Article 2 – Communicable Disease Reporting
R9-6-201 -Responsibilities for Reporting
R9-6-202 -Special Reporting Requirements
R9-6-203 -Communicable Disease Reports
Article 3 – Control Measures for Communicable and Preventable Diseases
Article 9 – HIV-Related Testing
R9-6-902 -Consent for HIV-related testing
Title 17- Transportation
Chapter 4 – Department of Transportation, Article 5 – Safety
R17-4-501- Definitions
R17-4-503- Vision Standards
R17-4-506- Neurological Standards
21 U.S.C.811- Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act (1970)
21 C.F.R. §1306.07- Administering or Dispensing of Narcotic Drugs
21 C.F.R. §1306.04- Purpose of issue of prescriptions
21 C.F.R. §1306.05- Manner of issuance of prescriptions